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November 13, 2009

IF I by Demetri Martin

Remember the Amphitheater meet? To really understand CSA one has to look beyond the managerial aspects of it and delve into its technical as well as social depths.

Friday the 13th, a get-together of the association with Demetri Martin‘s award-winning ‘If I’ video to be aired as a starter followed by the semester review meeting. There was a decent audience that gathered despite the chilly night and the sudden illness that many of them (inside and outside the association) took to.

The introduction ‘nubes‘ receive for Demetri is thus:

  • he composes everything on his own for his show: the music, the art and the witty lines of course;
  • his jokes are not just funny but they are thought-provoking;

The show takes us through different phases of Demetri’s life by exploring the dictionary meanings of the word ‘IF‘ and using it to explain some why he did the things he did. Here are the hidden thoughts that should get you searching You Tube for the videos (the links can be found below).

  1. Trying/Doing things that you really like: Does solving the cube interest you more than studying for a mid-term test, go ahead!
  2. Achieving technical competency in areas where you think you are good: Good at social media? When a social media activist asks you to talk about it for five minutes on the topic are you up to it?
  3. Keeping your mind strong through self-imposed hurdles: Does waving at the girl-next-door scare you? Do at least one thing everyday that makes you feel scared/insecure.

Trust me, you’ll find your niche in the one hour you spend on it. The entire video is in 6 parts of nine minutes each:

55minutes of watching and 5 minutes of reflection (maybe a blog post?) should make your day! Hope you have all the fun in the world, provided IF you have access to youtube… 😛

November 5, 2009

Newsletter: BYTE

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As an association we would be incomplete without regular (or irregular) newsletters talking about:

  • the changing face of technology
  • what are the must know things for students (from our point of view)
  • what Computer Science Association (CSA) is upto

We’ve decided to roll out a newsletter titled BYTE that is going to give you a ‘bite’ into the latest news from both on-campus and off it.

BYTE 0: Introduction newsletter of Computer Science Association (CSA)

First Yearites Orientation

Dualites Orientation

This was a welcome message to first year and dual Computer Science students about what CSA is and what it is planning. Click the above links to view.

First newsletter of Computer Science Association (CSA)


  • The theme for this newsletter: Sports! (owing to BOSM 2009).
  • A special thanks to Jim Burgesse who has been kind enough to grant us permission to use his Comic Strips to engage people in both the issues.
  • An important highlight is that this is the first time that CSA newsletters are going online!
  • IBM Technology Day 2009 at BITS Pilani has been covered and a further insight into Supercomputing has been provided.
  • The BYTEsian of the issue is Mr. Uday Kovur who has written the review for Football Manager 2009, which was easily one of the fast catching up games during August-September (among the BITSians)

Watch out for the next issue of BYTE. Till then

Happy BYTEing