Computer Science Association, BITS Pilani

September 20, 2010

Architecture & Systems Interest Group

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Computer Science Association is working to form an interest group in Systems/ Architecture to spur interest in these topics. Very creatively called “Architecture & Systems Interest Group” (ASIG), it will comprise of students from all years who have a keen interest and/or basic knowledge about what goes into designing a system (like an OS) and implementing it. (The word interest has been used 5 times already).
ASIG *hopes to* undertake the following activities:
  1. Discussions on current technical advancements (*technical*)
  2. Understanding and emulating seminal papers
  3. Doubt clearance on related concepts through small tasks
  4. Tea sessions
Based on how this shapes up, we shall align the discussions with faculty work for better impact. If you find this interesting and have wasted enough time reading wiki articles on the topic and can devote 3 hours (two lesser movies) per week, mail in the following details by 24th September (Friday):
(Write “No clue. Damn” wherever you don’t know what to say)
  • Name
  • ID
  • One project you have worked on (20 words)
  • One project you know about anywhere in the world that you’d love to be a part of (not necessarily CS) (20 words)
  • One concept in OS/Architecture you find super-fascinating and why (30 words)
Your mail should be found in the inbox of one Aastha Mehta (07A7): with subject line as “Interest in ASIG”. By Friday evening.
How boring could an interest group be? We shall get back to you. Thanks for reading.