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November 21, 2011

Alumni Research Talks – I

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Alumni Research Talks is a three day industry-student-research symposium being organized by the Computer Science Association and the CSIS Department of BITS Pilani, in association with Embryo.

Research Talks and seminars are very common in most premier institutes all over the world, and these things are a quintessential component of any world class learning institution. However, we at BITS Pilani have scarcely been exposed to such activites, which is indeed unfortunate.

Now, with a total overhaul of course structure, creation of new Professorships and complete revamping of infrastructure on the cards, we at CSA believe that it is imperative to promote research related activities on campus.

The idea for ART stems from the same fact. Business plan competitions and leadership contests have already been a big success in BITS, but for a university that goes by the name Institute of Technology and Science, there is a sore lack of activites that promote research. Also, what we study seems to be totally irrelevant to what we hope to become once we get that coveted BE degree.

Which is what ART hopes to open our eyes to.

During this 3 day symposium we shall have on campus, recent alumni of BITS Pilani who are actually involved in doing what hope to do someday. Some are pursuing MS and PhD in grad schools from different parts of the world like UIUC and Stanford, while yet others are working for firms like Facebook, Google, NetApp, et al. They hope to dispel all myths that one might harbour about academics in BITS in general, and illuminate minds towards how things actualy work in the real world. These are people who have, to use a cliche, “been there, done that.”

The Research Talks that have been planned encompass a wide variety of topics, mostly centered around various aspects of Computer Science. Also, there shall be a Hackathon and free snack sessions to boot, wherein you can actualy meet and talk your heart out to these wonderful people who will only be glad to share there experiences and knowledge with you.

The official website for ART is up here. So for further details, keep checking this page. Also, you can register online and be a part of ART 2012, here.

We look forward to seeing you around.