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December 21, 2011

Alumni Research Talks – II

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The last blog post had pretty much introduced Alumni Research Talks to everyone. The speakers for the event and their topics of discussion have been finalised. We thus have a whole range of really hot research topics for the event with some highly prolific BITSian alumni throwing light on each of them this January.
We have Abhishek, who did his final semester thesis from Chennai Mathematical Institute, who would be giving a talk in ART describing certain aspects of Coding theory. His talk will focus on  encoding and decoding schemes in the context of non-binary cyclic error-correcting (Reed-Solomon) codes which finds applications as varied as compact disc players and deep-space exploration.

Natthu, another talented 2010 BITSian graduate, is currently doing his masters from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He will be uncovering topics like Virtualization, with a special emphasis on Virtual Machine Managers (Hypervisors).

Prasanta will be here to provide insight into ICTD (Information and Communications Technology for/and Development), which is an initiative for designing low cost solutions for our emerging communities. He did his Masters in Software Systems from Pilani, and is currently working as a software engineer at ebay.

Rizwan, yet another prolific 2010 alumnus,  who is currently taking his Masters at IIT-K, will be here this January to describe some techniques to analyse randomised algorithms, and to discuss some of its applications in various domains. He will also be discussing the use and scope of CS in quantitative finance.

The co-founder of TheFind Inc (a shopping search based startup with more than 17 million unique online hits every month), Shashikant boasts of a masters degree at Stanford University amongst many other things. As his profile suggests, he will discussing certain aspects and hairy intricacies of owning a technical startup, with a particular emphasis on people having a CS background.

Srikrishna is currently undergoing his Ph.D at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He will be helping us remove that familiar fog of doubt amongst us BITSians regarding taking Ph.D/MS for higher studies.

Swapnil is doing his masters at UIUC. This January, he will be throwing some all-important light on the potential of Supercomputers, its power requirements, its construction, speed and applications.

Finally, we have Vineet, a 2011 alumnus currently working with the Advanced Technology Group at NetApp, India. He will visit his Alma mater during ART to discuss the potential, advantages and disadvantages of Flash Memory over conventional storage devices, and different research aspects pertaining to it.

We look forward to seeing all our decorated seniors around, and we hope their endeavour maneuvers the largely clueless BITSians to the right paths to research.

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