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September 9, 2012


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Knowledge and wit is not just the fodder for the intellectual minds. There is always more to it. MINDTURNER aims to instigate the same.

The first event of CSA 2013, MINDTURNER 5.0 was hosted on August 31, 2012 at the Lecture Theatre Complex. With a flute of enthusiasm being played in the air, the event flagged off at 5:15 PM. The event saw a decent assemblage of the teams, mostly comprising of the first year students with a subtle pinch of a third year team, and a few second year teams as well.

A set of 22 questions was prepared for the quiz over a variety of topics ranging from the history of the first mouse to the recent news about the iphone hacker pod2g.The genre of questions was mostly derived from the quiz’s predecessor version 4.0. Star Marked questions had a special weightage and were used to resolve clashes in the final result. Also, certain questions had two parts with bonus marks for answering both of those.  However a mixed level of difficulty was maintained to keep the participants’ grey cells fired up until the end. The diverse set of expressions on the faces of the contestants indicated of a competitive pulse being built up as the quiz progressed.

The event concluded with the Solutions Discussions. Participants’ eyes gleamed with happiness on getting a correct answer. Goodies were also distributed to the participants answering the difficult questions. This marked the end of the 5th successful year of MINDTURNER and the beginning of a promising year for the CSA Team 2013.So here is to next edition of MINDTURNER 6.

PS:  Stay tuned for the Google Dev fest coming up this September at BITS Pilani.