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December 23, 2010

Google goes nuts? Presenting the Body Browser

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One would associate an uber-cool firm like Google with innovations and ground breaking products in all fields computer-y and internet-y and geeky. True, this new one is all that, yet a lot more.

Google Body Browser

Presenting the Body Browser. Google’s entry into the world of biology with a mind-blowing twist. The Body Browser is all that a medicine and physiology student would need to master the intricacies of the human body. Powered by webGL plugin-less 3D technology, it simulates the human body like never before. You can zoom in, zoom out, go through the various systems and explore blood vessels and tissues from a level never imagined before. Excruciating details, and awesome 3D effects make it brilliantly engaging to say the least. You can even make muscle tissues transparent to allow better study of underlying parts. The images are based on the data from the Zygote Media Group, and 3D rendering right into your web browser is made possible owing to WebGL.

Of course you’d need a web browser that supports WebGL, which is a drawback for the time being. As of now you can use Beta versions of Google Chrome 8 or Mozilla Firefox 4, but more and more browsers will start supporting WebGL with time.

You can check the Google Body Browser in action here (using one of the aforementioned web browsers) here at

To wrap it up, another path-breaking product from Google. Way to go.