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September 28, 2011

TURING TALK – “Complex Network Analysis”

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24th September, 2011: Continuing with the tradition of  Turing Talks, which is a CSA organised lecture series, Ajitesh Srivastava, the Mr. Turing of the day, presented an illuminating yet exciting talk on Complex Network Analysis. The evening saw a descent turnout of  approximately 60 keen participants . With focus on the mathematical modelling  of social networks,he paid emphasis on acquainting the audience with the basics of the same before delving deeper.

The later part of the evening was mostly dedicated to,

  • Modelling of a subset of the BITSian friendship network and determining the various mathematical parameters associated.
  • Plotting of the twitter growth model and comparing with the actual data, thus paving way for show stopper,
  • The Power Law which practically dominates the growth pattern of most social and collaboration networks.

The speaker managed to keep the audience interested by picking up interesting demonstrations of  Power Law in collaboration networks like the Erdos’ number and the Bacon number, seemingly flawed but true instances !

The event wrapped up with a round of interesting queries, thus providing an intellect invoking end to the lecture.Many thanks to Mr. Turing, Ajitesh and lets hope to see the Turing Talks get bigger and better.


P.S I have share the presentation slides below