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November 21, 2011

Alumni Research Talks – I

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Alumni Research Talks is a three day industry-student-research symposium being organized by the Computer Science Association and the CSIS Department of BITS Pilani, in association with Embryo.

Research Talks and seminars are very common in most premier institutes all over the world, and these things are a quintessential component of any world class learning institution. However, we at BITS Pilani have scarcely been exposed to such activites, which is indeed unfortunate.

Now, with a total overhaul of course structure, creation of new Professorships and complete revamping of infrastructure on the cards, we at CSA believe that it is imperative to promote research related activities on campus.

The idea for ART stems from the same fact. Business plan competitions and leadership contests have already been a big success in BITS, but for a university that goes by the name Institute of Technology and Science, there is a sore lack of activites that promote research. Also, what we study seems to be totally irrelevant to what we hope to become once we get that coveted BE degree.

Which is what ART hopes to open our eyes to.

During this 3 day symposium we shall have on campus, recent alumni of BITS Pilani who are actually involved in doing what hope to do someday. Some are pursuing MS and PhD in grad schools from different parts of the world like UIUC and Stanford, while yet others are working for firms like Facebook, Google, NetApp, et al. They hope to dispel all myths that one might harbour about academics in BITS in general, and illuminate minds towards how things actualy work in the real world. These are people who have, to use a cliche, “been there, done that.”

The Research Talks that have been planned encompass a wide variety of topics, mostly centered around various aspects of Computer Science. Also, there shall be a Hackathon and free snack sessions to boot, wherein you can actualy meet and talk your heart out to these wonderful people who will only be glad to share there experiences and knowledge with you.

The official website for ART is up here. So for further details, keep checking this page. Also, you can register online and be a part of ART 2012, here.

We look forward to seeing you around.

April 20, 2011

Curriculum modification for CS

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As a part of Vision 2020 – Mission 2012 for BITS Pilani (facebook page) which aims to put it amongst the leading educational institutions worldwide, Task Force 1 led by Prof. Sundar B of Computer Science and Information Systems Group recently provided its recommendations to make the curriculum competitive with other universities . An outline can be downloaded here: Suggestions for Curriculum modification. Please not that this is not an official copy.

About the Task Force: The task force for curriculum started its work in Nov 2009. Over 120 faculty members in four campuses took part. Over 60 of them in benchmarking. Over 100 programmes in various universities were analysed. To give an idea, there were 2-3 seminars only on identification of parameters on which the curriculum should be benchmarked and 25-30 parameters were identified.

Since curriculum discussion elicits passionate response from students, there was a discussion about the same amongst alumni of the Computer Science Association and we have compiled a doc which suggests some additions which we believe will complement the modifications suggested by the Task Force. The document can be downloaded here: Suggestions for A7 by CSA alumni

A big thank you goes out to everyone who took time from their hectic schedules to participate in the online discussions. We wish that the new curriculum manages to stimulate and motivate students to pursue their interests and not become just another face in the crowd. As Dolores Umbridge said in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix,

“It is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be sufficient to get you through your examinations, which after all, is what school is all about.”

More Dumbledore than Umbridge. 🙂

-Vineet Pandey, 2006A7TS054P

(for CSA)

January 12, 2011

APOGEE 2011 Project Meet

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at the Lecture Theater Complex, 5102. January 13th 2011.

Be there.

September 20, 2010

Architecture & Systems Interest Group

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Computer Science Association is working to form an interest group in Systems/ Architecture to spur interest in these topics. Very creatively called “Architecture & Systems Interest Group” (ASIG), it will comprise of students from all years who have a keen interest and/or basic knowledge about what goes into designing a system (like an OS) and implementing it. (The word interest has been used 5 times already).
ASIG *hopes to* undertake the following activities:
  1. Discussions on current technical advancements (*technical*)
  2. Understanding and emulating seminal papers
  3. Doubt clearance on related concepts through small tasks
  4. Tea sessions
Based on how this shapes up, we shall align the discussions with faculty work for better impact. If you find this interesting and have wasted enough time reading wiki articles on the topic and can devote 3 hours (two lesser movies) per week, mail in the following details by 24th September (Friday):
(Write “No clue. Damn” wherever you don’t know what to say)
  • Name
  • ID
  • One project you have worked on (20 words)
  • One project you know about anywhere in the world that you’d love to be a part of (not necessarily CS) (20 words)
  • One concept in OS/Architecture you find super-fascinating and why (30 words)
Your mail should be found in the inbox of one Aastha Mehta (07A7): with subject line as “Interest in ASIG”. By Friday evening.
How boring could an interest group be? We shall get back to you. Thanks for reading.

March 12, 2010

And it finally begins…

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The unconference has finally started with Kinshuk giving an introduction about Open source softwares. The session has started off as quite interactive. A video was shown titled “Open Source is Magic” by Chris DiBona from Google.  A talk by Atharva on Revision Control System is now about to start…

The begining of a start

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Well the start of the Unconference ahs been delayed due to CERN scientist Archana Sharma’s lecture which was going on at the same time. So the event now starts at 9:00 p.m. With half an hour to go lots of preparations are under way. Just now one of the speakers ahs turned up and is busy setting up his laptop.  The LTC QT where the session will be held is all set for action with Wi-Fi connec. A small crowd has already gathered to participate in the event and are patiently waiting for it to start.  Ok. Now I must sign off… Have some work to do… Catch you later…

March 11, 2010

The calm before the OSScamp

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Today marks the start of FOSS Den @BITS-Pilani. So I thought I could put everyone up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes in the Den. Well, 1216 has been set up as the FOSS-Den and we have about 6 comps there loaded and ready. Plus we have prepared some presentations on open source softwares. Mostly the preparations at FOSS Den have been pretty fun with everyone engrossed in the work. In fact people were so engrossed in their work, nobody noticed me sneakily playing Diablo on my computer side by side ;). Anyways now back to some serious stuff… Let me brush up on today’s schedule

  • 08pm – 10pm: Social Sandbox: Open Source, Unconferences, India – @LTC
  • 10pm – 12am: Sessions and Talks (4 Slots Available) – @LTC
  • 12am – 02am: FOSS Hackathon – @LTC QT

Personally I am looking forward for the session at M-Lawns. Open air, Lawns… It is going to be one heck of an event. The OSScamp is going to be ‘OSS’ome :). Keep watching this space for more details…

February 7, 2010

Idea challenge

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Computer Science Association welcomes you to Idea Challenge, 2010. This event has been launched with the aim of fostering a Problem-solving mindset among students in India. It is largely felt that the student community in the country, though highly enthusiastic and innovative, does not still have enough chances to work on the burning technical problems of the day. Idea Challenge aims to provide the students with one such platform and to direct them to use their creativity for the betterment of the society.

Organization of the Event:

The Event consists of two phases:

The first phase, held between 25th January – 8th February. The contestants will be required to register online wherein they will be challenged with two problems. The group can pick one problem of their choice.

First deadline: 8th February, 23:59 hrs.
The group will be required to submit an abstract of the proposed solution to the problem. The abstracts will be checked and competent abstracts will be forwarded to the next round. Those abstracts which are not deemed competent enough will be provided proper direction towards a more feasible solution.
Mail in your abstracts to: ideachallenge2010[AT]

Second Deadline: 28th February, 23:59 hrs

The groups are required to submit the final implementation of the proposed solution by this date. The format of the final implementations and the languages/software/hardware involved in the final implementations will be individually conveyed to the participants, after the completion of the first phase.

• Teams of maximum 3.
• The organisers hold the right to disqualify a team for any malpractice/lack of originality.
• The decision of the judges is final and binding.

Varun Pandey

Rohit Mittal